Super Fisher..the superior cable fisher!


*Video:how to cable fish with the superfisher cable fisher tool

Instructions – How To Use

Super Fisher - Cable fishing tool - the best tool to fish cables and feed them through

The Super Fisher is suitable for all cable fishing jobs, including: Cable fishing up sheathings, Cable fishing under floors, Cable fishing across suspended ceilings, Cable fishing up boxings.

Common tips to help you use your Super Fisher in the best way:

  • If the Super Fisher gets stuck – simply gently twist the end and the Super Fisher should avoid the obstacle and carry on.
  • If you need to get around an awkward bend/place, simply bend the Super Fisher so it temporarily retains the bend, and it can then be pushed through. The Super Fisher is made of strong, durable nylon, and can easily be straightened back after bending.

3m Long!

To attach twin and earth cable, use the specially designed hole which accepts a stripped standard 2.5mm² cable:

To join multiple Super Fishers together to allow even further distances, simply tape two or more together:

The main advantages over the Super Fisher compared to other tools are:

  • Can be taped together for longer lengths
  • Can be bent to fish around awkward places…and straightened back afterwards!
  • All insulated rod - NO METALLIC PARTS – NO SHORTING!
  • If not moving – just twist the Super Fisher and it will find access
  • Specially designed hole in BOTH ends – to take 2.5mm² twin and earth stripped cable
  • Extra long – 3m..and can be joined easily!

Super Fisher - Cable fishing tool - the best tool to fish cables and feed them through

The Super Fisher is ideal for the following jobs:

  • House wiring
  • Wiring intruder alarms
  • Data cabling
  • Telephony cabling
  • Cat 5e cabling
  • Office wiring
  • Cabling in areas with bare cable terminals
  • All electrical wiring installations

Unlike other cable fishers, ours are cost-effectivereplaceablejoinable…and safe for use around live-wires!

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